Vastu for Shop

Vastu Consultant for Shop


In today’s world, the majority of people are considering Vastu Consultant for Shop to make their shop adequate enough to attract prosperity and great financial developments. So, to turn your shop into an ideal place for the successful running of the business.

Here are some of the keys that should be kept in mind before to plan your place for business:

  • A perfect shop must be built in a square or rectangular shape or have a front broader than the back. Also, triangular or shops with an unpredictable shape or those with a contracted front and broader back must be ignored as they lead to monetary misfortunes and mental pressures.
  • There must be no slant towards the passageway of the shop, as it is considered unlucky and decreases the benefits according to the Vastu for Shop.
  • The entry must be open and not to be decorated with items that are similar to trees. These make vedh, which results in negative issues in business.
  • There must be no open sewage before the shop, as it causes loss of riches. Indeed, even resting water in front is not considered as a good sign by the Vastu for Shop in accordance with the fortune of a shop.
  • Also, there must be no garbage in front of the primary entryway of the shop, as it discourages the passage of positive vitality.

Some more tips of Vastu for the shop:

  • Vastu for shop suggests that the north-east zone must never be over-occupied, as it is the special space of the shop. It must be kept vacant and clean. A beautiful fountain is perfect for this area.
  • The showpieces and other items of furniture must be present towards the south-west direction of the shop, however never towards the north-east area, as it prompts misfortunes.
  • The counter of a shop must be pointed and not to be in a bending or round shape. It must be set in the south-east or the south-west directions.
  • In Vastu consultant for Shop, the hot-selling things are an ideal choice to be placed in the north-west direction which enhances development.
  • The money counter must be opened towards the north so that the quadrant of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth guarantees that the money box is never vacant.
  • Besides this, the shop proprietor must get a seat inside the shop confronting the east or north directions. He always has to make sure that he never sits confronting the south or west directions, as it invites issues or misfortunes in the shop.