Vastu for Home


Vastu for Home

For survival, man needs three basic things; food, air, and shelter. And to build a perfect home you have to keep a lot of important things in mind as per the Vastu for home. Here are some tips according to Vastu:


The bedroom is where you unwind and enjoy some leisure time from the pressures of life. This is the room that empowers you to have a sound sleep and revives you for the following day. Almost 1/third of your life goes in dozing, and if the room is planned according to Vastu for home, it will deal with this 1/3 of life in an adequate manner. The perfect spot to have this room is South-West or South. This is additionally appropriate for the main room, which can be in the South or South-West. The passageway ought to be situated in the North or East, however not in South-West.

Prayer Room

The next most noteworthy spot in the house is the prayer room. In this room when you place the photos of gods it ought to be on the eastern side. Photos of a person who has died must not be kept with the gods but rather away from this special area. Try not to build your prayer room under the staircase; it is not viewed as favorable. The space under the stairs can be utilized for capacity.


The kitchen is the place you get food, and as indicated by Vastu for home, there should be a special spot for the kitchen. According to the Vastu Shastra, the kitchen ought to in the North-Eastern direction of the house. It must not be situated over the pooja room or washroom. It ought to be on the North-East side of the structure.


What not to miss?



As indicated by Vastu for Home it is considered to build the staircase in the West or South sides. Since the staircase is said to be a substantial structure, and whenever set south way, it will obstruct all the negativity, and there won’t be any positive impacts. At the point when the stairs are built, it must be from the East course to West or begin from North to South. The spots you must abstain from a staircase is the upper east way and the focal point of the house.


More often we have seen that restrooms are made without any Vastu for home knowledge in the house, which will, in general, transmit negativity in the house. As per Vastu for home standards, a washroom must be in a particular area. The restroom must not be developed on any side of the house. Preferably, the Eastern piece of the house is the best spot to have a restroom. The washroom must be based on the north-west or west side of the house.

So, before building your house go through all the important above mentioned points for a perfect Vastu for home and Vastu for house keep all kinds of problems and negative energies away from your perfect paradise.