Things that bring back luck in life

Things that bring back luck in life

Misfortune knocks the door just the way opportunities do. Nobody wants misery in one’s life, yet bad luck can hardly be averted, provided one follows some guidelines which are in line with vastu. There are factors that can define that invite good vibes and favourable conditions in life, similarly there are things that are root of all evils.


Cobwebs are often seen in the corners in the houses. Also, one can locate these on ceilings, behind furniture and objects. They bring bad vibrations and are a source of bad luck in life. They symbolise confusion, web of trials and tribulations. So, broom it away as soon as you lay your eyes on it.

Stopped Clock 

A stopped clock means everything stops for a while. It is something that stunts growth and do not facilitate promotion and activity. Activity is must in a house, else things turn bland, monotonous. Also, the bad tides stay in a place without going away. The grief and the hapless situations fail to morph into something positive.

Dilapidated Furniture

The objects in the house that are old and decrepit must be discarded at the rate of knots. The old furniture restricts the entry of new, good things in one’s life. So bid adieu to the yellow furniture. It only mars the financial status and peace in your life.

Waste on Terrace

It is out of habit that people store the unused things and products on their terrace which denotes the accumulation of waste and puzzle in life. Things which are meant to be out of house are actually stored in a corner. They lie there giving no fruits. So, it’s better they rest in bin.

Old Clothes 

Garments that are not worn or are tattered and old are kept in closets which are sure to limit the flow of freshness and wealth in your home. Sometimes, the clothes that are of no interest to us gets collected forming a useless pile.

These are some of the things among others that invite the channel of misery in your life. One must do away with these things in order to bring peace, luck and happiness in life.

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