How to bring good luck to your home?

How to bring good luck to your home?

There are certain bad energies and things due to which the course of events in the life goes topsy-turvy. In order to strike the purple patch, a good deal of good luck is necessary for a home. If luck runs in your favour at your home, all the projects, plans and business will flourish.

Choose Subtle colours

Well, paint your house with hues that are natural and soothing. For instance, blue is a colour that will add freshness and vigour to your abode. You can also put a painting signifying the streams and flow of water.


Make sure that your bedroom is in south-west direction to ward off bad vibrations. Let the fresh air enter your home through windows for positivity. Curate things as per the vastu. Ditch double mattress.


Good luck resides in a home where you have freshness and coolness exuding from each and every corner. A garden full of plants, and a water-fountain is very necessary in the north-east part of your home. It denotes growth and fertility.

Kitchen Rule

Kitchen is the place in the home from where everyone gets nourishment. The accoutrements in the kitchen must be placed in an apple-pie order. The sink and stove should not be placed together.


If you have a naked wall in your house at the very entrance, make sure you festoon it with a picture of God or some spiritual statue to invoke the blessings and for optimism. Do not keep the shoes in the entrance as it is considered an impediment to the success and luck in a home.

Activity at home

Sometimes people put an aquarium in their houses but fail to keep a check on the fish. Keep in mind the life and health of fish as well. Dead fish symbolise decay.

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